Fourth day of Baltic Snow Call contest (Saturday, 23rd of February).

Wrestling with weather.

The most critical day had come. Also it was the last day of sculpting. Saturday started with collapse of the “Earth Fix” of Norway-Ireland team. Symbolically “Earth Fix” couldn’t withstand rising temperatures, but the team didn’t lose hope and started rebuilding it immediately.

Few other sculptures collapsed or lost details during the day, for example Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian team sculptures…German artwork broke twice! And then American sculpture collapsed right in front of my eyes, just moments after colourful lighting was installed! “The Sheet” of team Sweden was finished on Friday, but collapsed on Saturday evening and didn’t have chance to be saved.

Patience and creativity of teams was amazing especially dealing with the destructive force of temperatures above 0°C! It was a great positive experience meeting, photographing and talking to all of these amazing artists.

I wish good luck to artists and organizers in the next competitions!

More information about the event you can find on the Baltic Snow Call official site and Facebook page.