Tourujoki bat night – listen and see bats flying, learn exciting facts about these flying mammals and enjoy Tourujoki nature at night!

Besides my activities as a visual creator, now I am guiding bat tours at Tourujoki river valley during summer nights.

Have you seen a bat before? We will talk about bats, what do they do at night, during the day, in summer and winter. We will talk about myths and facts, and their amazing abilities.

We start at midnight when it is dark enough for bats. We will watch bats hunting insects above the water surface of the Tourujoki river, listen to their calls using an ultrasound detector and enjoy the nature of the Tourujoki river valley at night.I am passionate about the beauty of nature, history, history of life and addicted to photography. I like to explore and understand how things work and share my knowledge and experience with people.

I have 5+ years of experience in guiding tours in my hometown in Daugavpils Fortress in Latvia. In 2015 with some like-minded people we founded Daugavpils Bat Centre providing eco-tourism activities within the urban environment of the old fortress. After I moved to Jyväskylä I decided to use my knowledge and enthusiasm to create a bat walk experience here in Jyväskylä.

You can book a bat night tour from beginning of June till the end of August by writing me an email photogrunskis(at)