Building an exhibition “Lutakko 2020” about the rock club of Jyväskylä which celebrated 30th birthday this year.

Currently, I have an internship at the Museum of Central Finland as a part of my Finnish integration course. And it coincided with the building and opening of the photo exhibition about the Lutakko rock club. And the most interesting thing is that the exhibition is created by the Luovake – The Centre for Creative Photography which I am a member of. I was very excited to participate in this process!

I decided to document the process…

Since I used my DSLR for the time-lapse of the building of the exhibition, I tried to document other moments and activities mainly using my phone camera, which made the whole experience even more interesting.

So here it is my photo story made mainly by phone camera.

P.S. It was fun – all of it!


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Anssi is thinking about putting up the photos.

Looks like the first two walls are ready…

…but still a tonne of work ahead.

Jukka is drilling the monitor

While others arrange posters on the wall – Tauri simply rocks! This is how you screw a wooden frame for a banner of a rock club!

Ilja and Tauri created something interesting. This can be easily a modern art piece…or actually it is?

This definitely looks like somewhere on the Highway to Hell!

Jukka playing the ukulele is simply irresistible!

Now everything is ready for the opening of the exhibition.

Timelapse: Lutakko 2020 -näyttely rakentuu

Kas näin käy näyttelynvaihto! 😉 Lutakko 2020 -näyttely on nyt auki, tervetuloa tutustumaan! Kiitos upealle tiimille näyttelyn takana <3Timelapse-video: Maris Grunskis PhotoGrunskis #Lutakko2020 -näyttely esillä KeMussa 11.9.2020-10.1.2021.

Posted by Keski-Suomen museo on Friday, September 11, 2020

And here you can move the slider and check before/after of the exhibition

An opening ceremony for the photographers and workers of the Lutakko club

The End