At the beginning of year, I was approached by a person employed at a local NGO asking me if I make videos. I remembered that actually, I have a bit of experience in making short video clips, for example, the one I made about Daugavpils Fortress in 2011, so I agreed to make two short, informative videos about wellbeing and home emergency kit. I had forgotten how interesting (and sometimes challenging) it is to make a video. How to keep in mind lighting, noises, mics, and all of the gear. How to cut and stitch together videos and what a rewarding experience it is to create a visual story!

I am happy to present you videos filmed and edited by me, structure and illustrations were provided by Maria Muhonen – an employee of Paremmin Yhdessä ry – organization that hired me for the job.

Paremmin Yhdessä ry is an NGO that promotes human rights, well-being, and inclusion into the society of people from various backgrounds and nationalities. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with such friendly, open, and creative team!

The first video is titled “Hyvinvointi (Wellbeing)”, the video is in Finnish and has English subtitles. The second one is called “Kotivara (Home emergency kit)” and contains very useful information about what you should have at home in case of emergency or disasters. Video is in Finnish and has Russian subtitles.
There are more versions of the same video with Arabic, Dari Persian, and Swahili subtitles on the Paremmin Yhdessä YouTube channel.


Hyvinvointi (Wellbeing)


Kotivara (Home emergency kit)