The Haunting Heritage exhibition is now open until the 10th of September at Kuusisto Art Manor!

There were two exhibitions that opened on Friday, August 11th at Kuusisto Art Manor. Both of the exhibitions were dedicated to condemning the war. If my exhibition was specifically focused on the cold war and how it echoes in Ukraine, then the group exhibition Lopettakaa! (Stop it!) was opposed to all kinds of violence (including war in Ukraine) and profiting from conflicts.

I was a little bit worried if the public will be interested enough in the exhibition, to go out of the manor comfortably accessible first floor and crawl down uneven stairs to the chilly basement, but I am happy to say that visitors did like it! I really enjoyed discussing topics about the Soviet heritage in Latvia, historic events as well as the current situation in Ukraine, and how people in Latvia and Finland feel living right next to Russia. At some points, it became quite sad and emotional for obvious reasons. At the end of the day, I felt fulfilled seeing that my works resonated with people that they understood the message and were genuinely interested in the exhibition, and many had questions about different specific photos.

I gave the opening speech in the main space of the exhibitions where Lopettakaa! artworks were displayed, but I spend 90 % of the time staying in the basement and talking to the visitors about my work, so I did not manage to take any photos, but fortunately, Ilze Brila got my back and documented the event! 🙂

I want also to thank the Embassy of Latvia in Finland for supporting my exhibition and the members of the Latvian diaspora (especially my former professor Andris Andrušaitis) in Finland who helped to bring photos and various objects for the exhibition from Latvia. Thanks to Latvian urban explorer Vlad Senkan who provided me with authentic Soviet gasmasks and thanks to my old friend Dr. Kristaps Sokolovskis, who happened to live on the Kuusisto Island and helped me with accommodation and physically preparing the space for the exhibition.

And huge thanks to Merja Markkula who I accidentally met in the Suomenlinna fortress and who instantly became interested in my exhibition and made it all possible, by giving me a ride when the bike tire was empty and helping with some materials and even accommodations!

Here are some photos and videos by Ilze Brila from the opening of the exhibition.

Preparations to make this exhibition you can see in my Instagram highlights

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